Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Caleb's likings!

You love it when mummy pats you on my rounded bump.. Soothing you to sleep whispering you goodnight.. After a few pats, you normally get to sleep..

You love it when daddy talks to you giving you a kiss everynight before we head to bed..

You especially love it when we play Hillsongs hero.. The album last about an hour and mummy can feel your joy when you move your arms and legs to the rhythm..

Most importantly, baby Caleb, Jesus loves you lots! Mummy and Daddy loves you too!

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Pregnancy Journey..

another 1 week to go before baby Caleb officially join our family.. oh well, of course you are already part of the family ever since we know of your existence! but then we get to see YOU, craddle you in our arms, share with you all the good things in life and etc..

it has been an exciting 9 months journey for me.. and i believe for dear dear too!! all the massages he had to do for me, the breakfasts he had to make for me, satisfying my strange cravings, carrying my bags, relying him on everything, undergoing all my crankiness and mood swings.. hah..

here i am, going to embrace motherhood with joy! as im typing, baby Caleb is elbowing and kicking me.. he must be very happy that mummy is talking about him again.. :) that's my boy! he weighs a healthy 3.1kg as of week 37..

i thank Jesus for the smooth operation, the friendly staff, miraculous healing for my wound, healthy baby Caleb, friendly neighbours, if any during my stay in the hospital and any wonderful thing that can happen for us..

this is my very 1st thing that i do the moment we know of your existence, my darling..
my precious prayers for you that i wake up every morning to see and confess..

this is the view i see everyday in my room.. aren't they lovely?

Saturday, May 07, 2011

happy mother's day!

thank you my dearest darling baby Caleb.. it's because of you mummy can celebrate mother's day.. wee~~

love you my darling son!


Babelicious Mummy

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

darling @ 31 weeks!

mummy is on mc today.. down with flu.. dear dear was still telling me yesterday.. how can i be sick again when im pregnant?! hmm.. i didnt want it either.. i want to be strong, healthy and brave mummy for baby Caleb..

yesterday i had a round of sleepless night.. i tossed and turned from 9pm till 11pm then i finally got asleep.. dear dear is also losing his patience at patting me to sleep.. coz when he checks on me, im still awake?! its quite a torture.. or should i say torture is a strong word but its pretty stress when i want to sleep yet i cant?! hmm..

I pray that from today onwards, I will sleep well.. fall asleep within the next 1minute.. because nothing is impossible with Him who makes all things possible, amen! grace grace!

a few days ago, mummy tried to keep calling your name.. Baby Caleb, Baby Caleb in different pitch.. hee.. its amazing when you respond.. you feel mummy calling you.. that's my darling son! even daddy asked me what im doing coz im disturbing his tv time.. haha..

its time for me to take my afternoon nap.. since i dont sleep well at night, its time to take afternoon naps whenever i can.. and still mummy is enjoying the pregnancy and waiting for your arrival on 3rd july!

Ciao! love u muchie my dearest baby Caleb!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

my darling @ 30weeks..

its been sometime since mummy last blogged.. I've been cooking dinners at home after Im back from work to allow Baby Caleb to absorb all the healthy nutrients.. Home cooked food is definitely better than outside so mummy has to be alittle more hardworking on it.. Jia you, mummy!!

At our last visit, Baby Caleb weighs a healthy 1.5kg.. Thank you Jesus for a healthy growth.. All's fine.. I can feel Baby Calebs kicks more often now.. Last month, I prayed that Baby Caleb will be an easy baby, being very specific and one of it is his sleeping habits.. May he sleep well at night so that we can get some rest at night.. I know for those with newborns will know that we cannot really dictate baby sleeping habits.. but nothing is impossible with God! Indeed, I start feeling his kicks very early these days and by 10pm when i go to sleep, dear dear will kiss Baby Caleb goodnight and tell him to go to sleep.. I will also whisper my goodnights to him before i go to sleep.. Its a joy just to greet you good morning and good night my darling, Caleb! Thank you Jesus!

We have got ready the baby's room for your arrival.. Mummy promise to be more hardworking reading you bible stories, our praise and worship session and playing xiao yiyi's lullaby's CD for you.. I will also remind Daddy to be more hardworking reading you bible stories and nursery rhymes..

As I am writing my blog, Baby Caleb' is jumping for joys in me.. I can so fill it.. He loves it when mummy talks about him.. My sweetest darling..

My colleagues at work so love you too, my darling! See the baby journal they got for you so that Mummy can update your details.. & Mummy came to realise they didnt know your gender when they got it.. Mummy gota start working on decorating it.. And you can enjoy viewing next time.. Thank you yiyi cindy, yiyi mc, yiyi shanz and yiyi sea.. hugs!

Ciao! We love you so already our darling baby Caleb!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

my darling @ week 23!

after procastinating for the longest time, finally i blogged.. hee..

its amazing how his kicks are so frequent and vibrant now especially when Adrian talks to him at night.. He loves Hillsongs praise and worship.. whenever i turn it on and especially when we sing along with him, he gets kicking and dancing.. we can feel him moving to the music.. he must be having lots of fun!

this week, finally we have his name.. so glad!! Caleb.. trying to find a matching middle name for him.. Caleb means, faith, devotion, whole hearted.. in line with my prayer for my darling son.. :)

And we signed up for the prenatal seminar by NCC next Saturday.. so looking forward!

We are so thankful for Him entrusting us with this new life.. Mummy and Daddy are so loving you already!! Hugs!! I think he can hear me, as he is kicking as im typing this sentence now.. my sweetest darling!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

our darling detailed scan..

My darling baby, Initially mummy scheduled the detailed scan next saturday but as daddy is travelling next week, we brought the scan forward..

mummy's so excited to see you again.. mummy woke up in the middle of the night and I can feel your movements.. Nono my darling son, you did not wake me up.. mummy's just sensitive to your touch.. i placed my palms on the bump, i can feel you moving left and right.. amazing.. then mummy went back to sleep..

The sonographers @ TMC are really very nice.. or maybe its the standard procedures.. during my 12th week scan, the sonographer took time for me to look at your movements, clearly explaining your body to me.. During the 12th week scan, daddy wasn't present but I wanted him to see the detailed scan, so we went together today..

The sonographer checked your gender again and showed us your genitals.. mummy and daddy can clearly see it in between your legs.. what a cute sight! I hope they send Dr the photo of it.. Then she went to show us your heartbeat, the inflow and outflow of the blood.. Baby, your are touching your ear at one point and the other with your tiny fist clenched.. its so amazing.. then, we got to see your long legs, tiny feet and toes.. you got a sharp nose.. mummy's so glad.. u didnt inherit mummy's flat nose.. you should have gotten daddy's long legs and sharp nose.. my handsome boy to be..

then the sonographer said she can feel your kicks just now.. cause you were moving around.. are you just as excited to show mummy and daddy all about you? then the sonographer tried to tease you to get you kicking mummy again.. but i think you went to sleep.. sayang my darling precious baby.. we are thankful to Daddy God that everything of you are in order and well.. as of today, you weigh a healthy 330gms..

mummy promise to eat well, sleep well, have a happy heart so you can continue to grow ya.. though mummy dont like to drink milk.. but for you my darling, mummy will do it..

daddy is flying off tonight to shanghai which is pretty cold right now, hope he is well clothed and not catch a cold.. while mummy and baby awaits daddy to come back sing songs and read nursery rhymes to you ya..

with lots of love hugs and kisses,
babelicious mummy..